In life, there’s always a moment when you realize who and what you are that defines what you will become later in life. I was born in Iran, Tehran in 1976 and moved to the United States with my family in 1986. Since I didn't speak English at the age of 10, drawing was an escape from my new world that was overwhelming, complicated and at the same time really fascinating. As a way of coping with my new experiences, I would draw on anything and everything from school books to old tennis shoes. My parents and teachers noticed that I was recreating images and scenery that was uniquely different and more advanced than my age and life experience. Years of doodling turned into drawing which turned into a passionate desire to create art inspired by LOVE. I graduated from Cal State Fullerton in the field of Communications/Advertising in 1998 and quickly found myself in the world of big Advertising. My first job was working for Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB), one of the top advertising agencies in the world as an Art Director. It was an amazing experience in the beginning. Clients like Taco Bell and Kawasaki were common place and soon boredom set in to the point of mind numbing marketing projects that were more shallow than I expected. Soon after my ad shop days, I started my own branding agency, called Sabet Brands. I’ve had an amazing 20 years in creating wonderful brands for appreciative and conscious clients. As the pressures mounted with larger marketing projects, I found tranquility in expressing myself in creative art projects, limited edition mixed media prints and original paintings.  Painting has always been a way to express myself. I was never concerned about learning how to paint particular things, itt was just a way to release and escape the complexities of life. At first, it was about emotions such as angst and anxiety. As the years passed, my work transformed to expressing love, gratitude and the power of feminine Energy.  I love experimenting with different mediums and materials. I discovered that Japanese brushes and Sumi Ink was the core of what made my work the most fluid, explosive and expressive. This new medium allowed me to master continuous fluid motions with expressive strokes.  I’m always connected when I’m painting. My brushes and medium are extensions of my body and they allow the energy that flows to be expressed with passion and LOVE.  Last year, I was invited to present my work at the 2016 Tokyo International Art Show, which was a transformative experience to my very core. It was also a confirmation of my innate connection to the land, culture and people of Japan as seen in my recent work.

A couple of years ago, I received a symbol from the ether. I called it LOVEQUALS SERVICE (symbol illustrated in header).  The word love looks like a person holding the equal sign. But it’s also made up of the number 1, omega, square root and the equal sign. From alpha to omega, the Root of all is “LOVE”.  This divine discovery created a new layer and dimension to my work. I started to embed the SABET LOVEQUALS SYMBOL  in all my work. Four more SABET LOVE SYMBOLS developed over the next year and pieces were being collected by art dealers and major art collectors. In 2016 the repetition of the SABET LOVE SYMBOLS gave way to a mysterious script. One that I can write and paint in a fluent fashion but have yet to decode. This script has been called the SABET LOVE SCRIPT and has culminated into what defines me as a person, brother, father, husband and artist which is always rooted in LOVE.

Every year I donate original pieces to many different non-profit organizations. Creating for a good cause is one of the most rewarding experiences and contributions I do every year. Organizations I work with include UNICEF, AIDS Services Foundation, PARS Equity Center, HearAid Foundation and The American Cancer Society.

My latest collaboration is with the amazing writing instrument company, MONTBLANC. I’ve had two private showings and live painting events at the MONTBLANC boutique; with a few more scheduled this year! I also collaborate with companies such as Thayers Natural Remedies, SoYoung Bags and LionFinch to bring my art to a whole new audience. I love collaborations, so if you think we would be a good fit, please contact me!



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