Tokyo | Metropop by Sabet 13"x19" MIXED MEDIA ORIGINAL


Tokyo | Metropop by Sabet 13"x19" MIXED MEDIA ORIGINAL


I've always been inspired by Tokyo. My art, my love for Martial Arts and the food has always been a centric part of my world. This piece is my expression of all I love about Japan, specifically Tokyo. I've only been there once as a child, but I can still remember every detail. 

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About Metropop By Sabet

Created with passion for travel and the metropolitan landscape, Metropop by Sabet is a funtastic journey through the most incredible cities in the world. Travel to Tokyo or New York through these mesmerizing illustrations. Sabet explores the urban landscape through the lens of his iconic and whimsical style while keeping a sophisticated vibe.


About Ali Sabet

Inspired by love, light and an immense passion for life; The Art of Ali Sabet. The stories of self empowerment, movement and true emotion (energy in motion) are expressed by Sabet’s work using intuitively confident strokes of his brush. Born in 1976, Ali Sabet is a Southern California based Painter, Illustrator and Award Winning Designer. His work has been showcased at various shows, galleries and museums including LACMA. 

Ali Sabet's elegant, minimal, and resonant designs are stark reminders of the power of a finely wrought artistic line. The black and white monochrome designs, giving way to the supplied text of a floating narrator - all of which rich in language and tone are all hallmarks of Sabet's enrapturing artwork.

Sabet’s work is auctioned annually for amazing causes around the world. Organizations such as Corazon de Vida, Hear-Aid Foundation and Choc Hospital work with Ali to raise awareness and funds for their organizations.

Sabet is also the creator of the imensley popular lifestyle character brand, Pixopop and the Founder & Creative Director of Highly Acclaimed Branding Agency, Sabet Brands.