Blueberry 2018 Sabet - 18" x 10" Archival L-Type Gicleé


Blueberry 2018 Sabet - 18" x 10" Archival L-Type Gicleé

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This unique painting is one of the 200 paintings created for the Wild & Free Collection. This series is a collection of signed giclee’s made by L-type for Sabet. Each Gicleé is accompanied by a hand signed certificate of authenticity.

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Who is L-Type and what makes these Giclee's special?

What makes an L.Type image special, and what should you be looking for when you compare it to others?

Featuring our unique, patented photonic technology, the L.Type print is ultra-high-resolution 400 ppi true continuous tone, considered to be better than 4,000 dpi halftone quality. This allows us to achieve images that truly show no digital patterning at all.

Colour Gamut

We use the best silver halide papers in the FujiFilm Crystal Archive Professional range. We are continually pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with these papers and can achieve exceptional colour density and make full use of the paper gamut, even with the most difficult colours. Images should always be supplied with an embedded colour profile - ideally in Adobe RGB, although we accept any other profiles, too. Without a profile, we are only guessing about what you want your images to look like!


Colour Fidelity

L.Type prints achieve amazing colour fidelity, with delta-e values of less than 1.0 across the gamut. Our workflow is fully colour-managed and we never ‘enhance’ the files you send us, so we faithfully reproduce what we are given.


The true test of a printer is its ability to handle subtle changes of tone in difficult colours - a gray sky shading from white to 5%, or a clear blue sky, for example. 

Too often, printers cannot handle these subtle shifts smoothly, and the result can be obvious banding or granularity. L.Type prints are exceptionally smooth, with over 4 billion colours in our range, and the ability to ‘paint’ each pixel unit cell individually.

Highlights and low-lights

The L.Type is also able to produce exceptional detail in highlights and low-lights. From the densest blacks to the palest whites and grays, very fine details will be reproduced perfectly, and all along the grayscale your images will be neutral, with no unwanted colour shifts.


Edge-to-edge sharpness

Printing accurately on silver halide demands that every pixel is produced individually and imaged directly from above. Our proprietary scanning print head achieves this in a way that no other printer can. This means that every pixel is the same shape, and the coloured layers in the paper are in perfect vertical alignment. The resulting image is perfectly sharp from edge to edge, with none of the distortions produced by laser-based or enlargement imaging.

Text and graphics

The exceptionally fine resolution discussed above also allows us to produce text and graphics with no dot gain, no trapping, no jaggies. We can print pin-sharp text down to 2-point size, including reversed-out text. In fact, we can print accurately smaller than the human eye can read, and our print regularly amazes the most experienced observers. So next time you want text of any form alongside your prints, there’s really only L.Type!


Our printers print a continuous tone image at 400 PPI. This means that a pixel-for-pixel print from a 30MP camera will naturally print at A3 size (297mm x 420mm). So we positively encourage you to use the full capability of your camera and upload the highest-resolution images you can. Choose the size of print you want, and we will do the rest, including re-sizing your image appropriately. Our exceptional resolution was designed to allow us to show more detail than the human eye can resolve at arm's length. The result is a level of fine detail that will stun you - and we can reproduce that detail without Moire effects or other aberrations.

Print sizes

Today, we print in extraordinary detail on a piece of paper that can measure up to 305mm x 1000mm. On an A3 paper, we print over 30 million pixels. On the full sheet, we print up to 75 million pixels (for the most detailed panoramas!). Our prints are designed to be held in the hand, or viewed close-up on a wall. In time, we plan to introduce a wider-format machine, probably starting with A2 print capacity (over 60 million pixels). But we do not foresee a very large format machine in the near term. Producing such large images is well within the capability of existing machines, with their lower resolution and larger pixel sizes, and we would simply be making up information that wasn’t in the original image file. Instead, use L.Type prints for your masters, proof copies, portfolios, in the home, in books or any role where several photos will be exhibited or hung and space is constrained.


And finally...

We are proud of our extraordinary photo quality, but the L.Type process is also considered by commentators to be the only real production-scale digital print technology that actually exceeds the quality of offset lithography. 

Why? Because our L.Type print can combine – for the first time, and on the same page – true contone photographic image quality with crisp fine lines and the sharpest text ever seen on a true photo print (right down to 2-point size, reversed out of a coloured background). This liberates design professionals from any concern about optimum output resolution for type or photographic images.